Connection = Opportunity


Here's what our clients are saying about working with Charles and the Pure JV Program...

Joe Polish

Founder of the Genius Network

Kane Minkus

 Founder of Industry Rockstar LLC

Jane Deuber

CEO and Founder of Magpai

David Newman

Founder of Do It! Marketing 

Kat Dunn

Founder of The Course Builder

Karen Baines

Conscious Wealth Mentor

TIME = MONEY What is your time worth to you?

Art Huey says.... 

“We finished 2019 just north of $600K, a 67% improvement over 2018, thanks in no small part to Charles’s good counsel.”

Jay Fiset says...

“If you’re considering working with Charles - Do it!  If you’re ever asked to do anything with Charles in Joint Ventures, you should do it because he takes care of people and he does it stunningly well.”

David Gonzalez says... 

“Charles is phenomenal at setting up JV’s. I’ve never met somebody who can set up as many as he does on a regular and consistent basis without being hyper-connected.”

Michael Roderick

CEO of Small Pond Enterprises

RJ Redden

Chief Engagement Officer at Black Belt Bots

Sam Silverstein

Founder of The Accountability Institute

Tim Francis says...

“Oh my god you’re such a magic man at this. Seriously changed my ability to do Joint Ventures so thank you.”

Rita O'Brien says...

“I have to say that by Charles Byrd simplifying the process I find that this is much more doable, it doesn’t feel like I’m selling (cause I’m not).”

Peter Anthony says... 

"Charles is the cream of the crop.  Pure JV is the perfect spot to grow your business. It's the best investment of your time."

Chris O'Byrne

Founder of JETLAUNCH

Sanjay Gunatillaka

Founder of Elite Business Performance

Linda Mbagwu

Transformational Coach

Laura Brenner

Career Coach, Lolabees Career Coaching

Norm Jones

Head Copywriter at IdeaMax

Dave Dubeau

Owner of Results Enterprises, Inc.

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